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Iranian Newspapers - Iranian News

Iranian Newspapers

BBC Country Profile: Iran External link
Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profiles.

Fars News Agency External link
Semi-official news service.

Iran Bulletin External link
Journal of the left dealing with issues of Iran and the Middle East from a democratic, secular and socialist perspective.

Iran Daily External link
Daily newspaper from Tehran published by the official news agency IRNA.

Iran English Radio (IRIB) External link
Daily news articles and online radio.

Iran Exports External link
Bimonthly magazine dealing with foreign trade and economic issues.

Iran News External link
Daily newspaper providing domestic and international news. Features review of Iranian newspapers.

Iran News Watch External link
USA-based site covering Iran and Iranian American news.

Iran va Jahan External link
Stories on Iran from the world newspapers and other media.

Iran Weekly Press Digest External link
Includes weekly coverage of the Iranian newspapers and articles from the leading Iranian journals and international publications.

Iranian Magazine External link
Iran related articles on lifestyle, arts, history, and politics. Aimed for the Iranian diaspora.

Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) External link
Provides political, business and culture news.

IRIB - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting External link
Daily news stories from official broadcaster.

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency External link
Official news service. External link
News agency covering Iran and the Islamic world. Affiliated to Islamic Propagation Organisation.

MEMRI: Iran External link
Site of Middle East Media Research Institute providing analysis and translations of Arabic and Farsi media reports.

Payvand External link
Daily general news of Iran and Iranians from Persian portal.

Persian Mirror External link
Magazine filled with articles on Iranians news and culture including film reviews, opinions, music, art, dance, more.

Press TV External link
Iranian international news network broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis. Offers expansive news coverage, specifically delving into Middle Eastern current affairs.

Tehran Avenue External link
Bilingual Farsi-English magazine focusing on issues that official or established media seldom do, discovering the development of Tehran's artistic life through words and photography.

Tehran Times External link
Leading English-language daily Iranian newspaper.

Washington TV External link
Internet-based TV broadcasting to Iran.

Russian Newspapers External link
News and information related to Ahwazi Arabs. Affiliated to the National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz.

People's Mojahedin Organization Of Iran External link
News and information from the largest opposition - People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran.


Iranian Media in English

Iran Reference: External link This page contains extensive links (Mostly in English) to background information about Iran for those who are interested to travel or do business in Iran.

The major news sources inside Iran are IRNA and Tehran Times. IRNA has been a very reliable source for official news about Iran. It sometimes just ignores major news developments. Tehran Times is a well-connected conservative publication and prints stories that other newspapers would not dare to cover. It relies on IRNA for a bulk of its stories. It features daily political commentaries. They have been right on the money many times.

The other media sources in Iran rely on major newswires such as AFP for their top stories. Outside sources such as IranMania also rely on the newswires for most of their news. They aggregate the news from different sources and provide links to top stories.
Thus, the news at these sites are very similar since it's difficult to obtain original content from Iran. A number of sites post newspaper clippings in Persian or translate articles from Iranian papers.
Most Iranian sites like this one have subscribed to the Moreover newsfeed or an RSS newsfeed.

The Guardian Unlimited has published the most objective and revealing stories about Iran in recent years. It is my favorite source of original and unbiased articles about Iran and the Middle East.

Business News External linkSports News External link

Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) External link-Covers culture and cultural heritage news.
Daneshjoo Org External link-A good source for original news about Iran. Iranian media abroad often mention stories by Danehjoo Org.
Echo of Iran External link-Oldest English news bulletin in Iran.
Iran Times External link-Online edition of weekly newspaper published in the US.
Iran Review External link-Independent Political, Economic and Cultural Bulletin.
Iran Weekly Press Digest (Iran) External link-Provides a complete account of political, social, and economic developments of Iran.
IRIB News External link-Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.
IRNA External link-The official news agency of Iran.
IranMania (UK) External link-This site features AFP articles and links to top stories and some original content.
Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) Reports External link-Posts political, economic and social reports mainly from Tehran Times.
The Iranian External link-Aggregates the news from various sources. Includes letters to the editor and OpEds.
ISNA (English/Persian) External link-Iranian Students News Agency
Mehr News (Iran) External link-Provides domestic and international news.
Mianeh External link-UK based site posts political, cultural and economic news.
Payvand News of Iran External link-Links to top stories from different sources. Includes reader-contributed articles.
Press TV External link-Iran-based news network.
Tehran Bureau External link-Aggregation of news from a variety of sources.
Abyz News Links: Iran External link

Daily Papers
Ettela'at External link-International edition of Iran daily paper published in New York.
Ettela'at Page 8 - PDF (English) External link
Iran Daily External link-Features AFP articles and images in PDF Format (Published by IRNA).
Iran News Daily External link-English daily newspaper published in Tehran.
Keyhan International External link-English edition of popular Tehran daily.
Mellat Electronic Newspaper (English/Persian) External link-Provides comprehensive news and information on the activities of the legislature. Includes current affairs and economic news.
Tehran Times External link-Online edition of Tehran's daily newspaper. Features the latest news about Iran, Middle East and the World.
More.... External link

World Media Coverage
1stHeadlines External link-Aggregates the news from various sources.
BBC Middle East External link-Comprehensive coverage of Middle East news from the British Broadcasting Corporation. News sources include AP, AFP, BBC News, BBC World Service and Reuters. Beware of the 'pro-Arab bias'.
Channel 4 (UK) External link
CNN: Iran External link-Features news stories and videos
CNN Middle East External link-Comprehensive coverage and audio/video stories.
Economist Articles: Iran External link-Features an execllent selection of political and economic articles about Iran.
Financial Times: Iran In depth External link
Financial Times: Middle East & Africa External link-Posts breaking news and political analysis.
The Guardian Special Report: Iran External link-Posts a diverse selection of recent articles, comment and analysis, audio stories and much more.
The Independent (Middle East) External link-Features the latest headlines and articles by Robert Fisk.
insideIRAN External linkA project of the Century Foundation with a focus on US-Iran relations and Iran's nuclear program.
IRIN External link-IRIN is Part of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
LA Times: Iran External link-Features latest news and a collection of articles on Iran.
Le Monde Diplomatique: Iran External link-A subscription may be required to view some of the articles.
Middle East Strategy at Harvard: Iran External link-Political Analysis and Opinion.
The Middle East Media Research Institute External link-Features recent political articles on Iran.
MSNBC Middle East External linkProvides up-to-date coverage of Middle East news.
Moreover External link-Aggregates the news from various online sources.
USINFO: MENA External link-Reports about the US policies in the Middle East and North Africa.
NewsNow External link-Provides news links to Iran related stories from Tehran Times and online sources.
News Trove External link-Aggregates the news from online news sources.
NPR: The Middle East Conflict External link-Features Audio and transcripts of NPR's coverage of the Mideast.
NY Times (Middle East) External link-Comprehensive coverage of Middle East issues. (Registration Required)
NY Times: Iran News External link-Posts recent articles and book reviews.
One World External link-Aggregates the news from various online sources.
Online NewsHour: Middle East External link-Comprehensive coverage coverage of the Middle East. Watch and listen to recorded programs on this site.
Online NewsHour: Governing Iran External link-Features recent political articles and analysis. Includes information on government structure, leadership and the modern history of Iran.
RFE/RL Features on Iran External link
RFERL Iran Report External link-A review of major news developments by Radio Free Europe's news team.
Reuters: Iran External link
Russia Today: Iran External link-Extensive coverage of Iran related news. Incudes feature video reports. Directory | Iran External link-Provides a complete listing of Salon articles on Iran.
The Scotsman External link-Features political articles and opinion.
Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting) External link-Features news, information, strategic analyses and country reports. This site is mainly targeted at multinational corporations. Access to the full reports is by subscription.
Telegraph External link-Features headline news and opinion.
Time Europe External link-A rich selection of political and cultural articles as well as exclusive in-depth interviews.
Washington Post (Iran) External link-Features AP headlines and Washington Post articles.
Washington Times (Iran) External link-Features political articles and opinion.
Yahoo Full Coverage External link-A diverse selection of news headlines, magazine articles and audio/video stories.
Yahoo news External link-Features AP and Reuters headlines.
Yahoo Photos External link-Features the latest news photos from AP and Reuters.
ZNet Iran Watch External link-Features a collection of political articles, essays and opinions on Iran.

Search Results
ABC News External link
BBC External link
Blogrunner External link
CNN Search External link
Financial Times External link
The Guardian External link
Google News External link
IHT External link
Jane's External link
Le Monde Diplomatique English External link
MSN UK External link
NPR External link
NY Times External link
Reuters External link
SearchMil External link

Radio & TV Broadcasts
IRIB World Service Index External link
IRIB English (World Service) External link
More... External link

Sports Media in Iran
Iran Sports Net External link-This site has some English content and is the best source of sports news in HTML format.
IRNA Sports External link-Features the latest sports headlines.
IRIB Sports English External link-Features news and images of Iranian sports.

Iranian Sports Sites
ISP External link-This site covers the Iranian national sports.
Mehr News Sports External link-From Iran's leading News Agency.
Press TV Sports External link-Comprehensive coverage of Iranian sports with exclusive images and interviews from Iran.
Persian Football External link-Daily news about Iranian national football team and Iranian professional league.
Team Melli External link-This page focuses on the Iranian national football team and has gathered the most comprehensive information on the national football team.

Business & Financial News
Iran Business & Economy External link-Comprehensive listing of resources, news, industries, business directories and associations.
Financial Times: Middle East & Africa External link
IRNA Economy (English) External link-The official news agency of Iran is a very reliable source of information about official economic news in Iran.
Mehr News: Economic External link-Coverage of financial, business and economic news. Includes oil and gas updates.
Press TV External link
Daily Market Summary (Tehran Stock Exchange) External link
MEED: Iran News External link-The Middle East Business weekly covers the economic news for all of the MENA countries. Access to the full articles is by subscription.
Yahoo Asia Search Results External link

Oil and Gas News
Press TV External link-Latest news on Iran's Energy Sector.
NIOC News External link
SHANA External link-Petroenergy Information Network.
Alexander's Gas and Oil Middle East News External link-Articles are updated twice a month.
CNN Commodities (Oil Prices) External link
Oil & Gas Journal External link-Provides up to date news of the Oil & Gas industry.
The Energy Intelligence Group External link-Features news, data, and analysis on the energy industry.
Oil Review Middle East External link-Published five times a year covers the GCC states and Iran to North Africa and the Caspian. (PDF)
Schlumberger External link-Provides oilfield services and IT consulting.
World Oil Magazine External link-Covers oil and gas exploration, drilling and production news.
WRTG Economics (Oil News) External link-provides data, analysis, planning and forecast services primarily for the energy and petrochemical industries.
Yahoo! News Oil and Gas External link-Provides the latest energy news from major wires.

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